Tile Installation Tips

We strongly recommend using a professional tiler with experience of installing concrete tiles.

Concrete tiles must CLEAN, DRY and on a level surface.
Using a large size toothed trowel, apply adhesive evenly on the surface, as well as on the back of each tile.
Lay tiles in desired pattern directions, without hammering. We suggest using a 3-5mm joint for space between tiles.
Let the tiles and adhesive stand to dry and clean with a pH neutral cleaner once dried properly to remove any dust from the tile surface. Once tiles are dry and cleaned, it is ready for sealing.
Tiles can be cut with a diamond blade or an angle grinder.

Clean tiles as mentioned above, any extra residue should be removed immediately.
Do not allow water or other liquids, stains or durt to go on the surface of the tiles before sealing.
Do not use colored grouting, as it may stain the tile as concrete are porous. We suggest using good quality adhesives, bonding liquids and keying agents.

Only pattern tiles are pre-sealed in our workshop to protect the pattern before installation and must be sealed again after installation with the same sealer that you can purchase from this website. Clear concrete tiles are not pre-sealed in the workshop and do not require our sealer. Our sealer is still suitable for the clear concrete tiles and is available on this website as mentioned.
Sealer must be applied with a mohair roller & a good quality brush to reach corners and hard to reach places.
The sealer must be applied with two to three layers for proper protection and three to four layers in wet areas. (one layer allready applied in our workshop) Take special care around waste grid.
Mix the hardner and the sealer together, use immediately after mixing your sealer. Curing time is 5-6 hours. Do not allow the sealer to sit on tiles without spreading. Do not install tiles on a damp surface as concrete is pours.

NO TRAFFIC ON THE TILES BEFORE SEALER IS APPLIED AND DRY - handle with care on site and during installation.

Happy tiling!!!!