Concrete Studio & Skinny laMinx Collaboration

Skinny laMinx Tiles with Concrete Studio


We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Skinny laMinx and to announce the launch of this Tile Range. 
Visit each of the designs on the Concrete Studio website to see all the different patterns that can be generated, depending on how the tiles are arranged.

About Eleven Years ago at the start of my entrepreneur road, I discovered Skinny laMinx, the designs, the logo, the colours, and OHHH the beautiful cushion range, everything just spoke to my inner new entrepreneurial creative soul.  

Within a few weeks, the range was listed in my online shop and oh did i enjoy receiving my Skinny laMinx deliveries and even more sending them out to their new forever homes. 

Little did i know at that time, that one day... i would work on a tile range with Heather Moore, a person i admire not only for her absolute genius and beautiful design work, but also her solid work ethics, her drive and her authenticity. 



Left: Heather Moore - Skinny la Minx
Right : Charmaine Nolte - Concrete Studio

Daisy Day Skinny laMinx X Concrete Studio

DAISY DAY – Skinny laMinx & Concrete Studio      
Breeze in Blue– Skinny laMinx X Concrete Studio

  Skinny laMinx Breeze Concrete Studio



 Breeze in Brown– Skinny laMinx X Concrete Studio


Special Thank You's
PHOTOS : Suly Kuhn from Laaik Social Media & Yolandi Slabbert
PROPS : Lane Esterhuizen from Palm and Cedar

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